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 Julianne Wurm EdD

Teacher. Writer. Learner.


Who am I?

Learning. Teaching. Sharing.

I loved teaching from the very beginning of my career.  I did not plan to pursue a teaching career but it felt natural and intuitive from the get go. Going into education is a decision I have never regretted. For me, there is nothing better than the curiosity and enthusiasm that each student brings to their experience.

As an enthusiastic and devoted Educator, I see no better purpose in life than passing on my love of learning to other teachers and their students. I am known for my solutions to make teaching more engaging for teachers and students as well as my courses and body of scholarly work.

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Things I am talking about

Things I am talking about

Watch Now

Spinto School for Teachers

Learning is my thing.  With over 30 years in education the time has come to share all that I have learned and developed over my career with my colleagues.  The Spinto School for Teachers offers classes on early childhood, running a school, professional development- from express classes to Master classes.  

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Classes Offered

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